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Essay marketing 1400 words stick, Are you writing too much content

Essay marketing 1400 words stick, Are you writing too much content

Essay marketing 1400 words stick, Are you writing too much content

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In my final year at uni I had 2 x 2,000 word essays. One of them I wrote start to finish in an hour and got 72. The second I wrote in 1 hour 20-30 minutes (needed more research because I'd missed the seminar) and got 68. It's really not that difficult if you've been keeping up with the work. Essay marketing 1400 words stick

1400 Word Essay Examples

This report shows timeline of South Africa and also describes how historical events have shaped the country today. A particular emphasis has been placed on explaining the outcomes of apartheid and racial conflicts on economic conditions.

South Africa preserves one of the earliest and most complete records of human evolution, dating back to 3 million BC. 4th century – Migration of humans, joining indigenous Khoikhoi and San people. 1497 - Vasco da Gama’s crews lands on Natal coast in South Africa.

1652 – Jan van Riebeeck, Dutch East India Company, set up the Cape Colony.

(See Appendix A - Early Migrations)

1795 - British seize the Cape Colony.

1860-1911 – Thousands of traders and laborers arrive from India 1880-81 – European farmers ( .

Research Proposal On How Social Media Effect On College Students In Behavior And Issues

In a modern society there are a lot of useful tools and applications that help people to communicate and work faster and more effective. Actually, the most important of them are social media. Many people consider that they create a small revolution in our society. In fact, they include a lot of useful information about different upcoming events, holidays as well as the most recent news. In addition, there is no denying the fact that they help all people in the world to be closer to each other through their network. For instance, people from different time zones are .

Free Construction Activities And Preventive Approaches Research Paper Sample

This paper attempts to highlight the prevailing hazards and subsequent safety measures in construction activities. The main elements of accidents in the construction industry are known as fatal four that include falls, caught between objects, electrocution and struck by objects. These elements contribute massive fatalities in the construction industry and "falls" are considered as the frequent cause of fatalities. Moreover, fatal injuries have declined during last one decade. Pre-planning is integral in construction activities, and so safety management and planning should be made an important part of the pre-planning step. All possible hazards at the construction site need to .

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Good Case Study On Motivation In Learning And Leadership

Two University of Rochester professors collaborated on a paper called "Self Determination Theory and the facilitation of intrinsic motivation, social development and wellbeing" that was published in the Journal of American Psychologist . This article focuses our thoughts on the wellbeing as contingent upon the successful proportion of three ingredients: Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness. These three nutrients feed and develop our sense of self. The more accomplished individuals are increasing the ingredients that cause their lives to be successful in the eyes of others that are not as accomplished. Contrast these two writers to David McClellan in 1961 who wrote .

Good Example Of Essay On The Story "People And Their Vices"

Talking about Middle Age culture, it is necessary to underline the role of religion. The morality play Everyman is based on its principles and gives moral lessons to reader. This is a story about how an ordinary person is afraid of death and how he searches companions (fellowship, family) for his trip in kingdom come. Such notions as "Deeds" and "Goods" appear in the context in order to show reader the difference between them. Goods contribute to luxury life, but they cannot share with Everyman his trip to God. As for Deeds, they are insufficient as opposed to Sins .

Free Capstone Project On The Business Case For Due Diligence

The Business Case for Due Diligence: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Corporate Due Diligence Practices for Responsible Business Conduct

1. Benefits of human resource due diligence (Deutsch & West, 2010) During a survey when people were asked about the benefits of HR due diligence then up to 92 percent people responded that they benefited due to HR due diligence. The process provided cultural understanding to them that contributed in sustainable mergers (Deutsch & West, 2010). (Deutsch & West, 2010) Organizations that do not conduct HR due diligence have to face some difficulties while having mergers and the most common factors that create difficulties include poor leadership integration, poor selection of target audience, and again lack of cultural understanding (Deutsch & West, 2010). ( .

Are you writing too much content?

Contributor Jacob Baadsgaard says great content doesn't have to do with word count -- it's about giving your audience what they're looking for.

How much content is too much content? Writers have been debating this question for centuries, if not millennia.

Back in the 1800s, book authors were paid per page, so literary greats like Victor Hugo literally wrote as much as possible. However, while writing 650,000+ word novels was good for Hugo’s bottom line, there’s a reason why most people prefer the abridged version of "Les Miserables"…

Attention spans are shrinking — and this doesn’t just affect novelists.

For years, SEO experts have been emphasizing long-form content. After all, in the keyword-centered universe of search engine optimization, longer content means more words, which means more keywords, which means better search relevance, right?

But, here’s the thing. Whether you’re a 19th-century novelist or a 21st-century content marketer, great content isn’t about word count — it’s about crafting the right experience for your user.

SEO is changing

Early on, search engine algorithms were very keyword-centric. However, people don’t use a search engine because they want to visit a keyword-stuffed page.

Instead, they’re looking for a page that meets their needs.

Since search engines like Google live and die based on the usefulness of their search results, they have to care about the on-page experience. As a result, Google has been steadily changing its algorithms to account for user experience.

Just look at Moz’s Ranking Factors report. Four of the top 10 non-keyword-related factors that Google cares about are related to user experience:

So, no matter how many keywords you have, if your content isn’t meeting the needs of your target audience, Google isn’t going to rank you as well.

And, as it turns out, most content doesn’t work for its target audience.

Think about it. How often do you completely read a web page from start to finish? Even when the content is compelling and unique (like this article), the majority of people only make it about halfway through a blog post:

That means I’m probably going to lose your attention in about 250 more words. Stick with me, though; things are about to get even more interesting!

So, if what you’re writing ends up looking like this page (which, incidentally, I split up and rearranged into columns to make it easier to absorb)…

… do you honestly think anyone is going to read your content?

And even if your customers have a specific question that is answered perfectly in your content, what are the odds that they will be able to find what they’re looking for?

All of this brings us back to our original question: How much content is too much content? Luckily, there is actually a fairly easy way to answer that question.

Determining your ideal content length

Since I’ve got 100 words left to wow you with, let’s take a look at how content length affects user experience in a very real way.

At Disruptive Advertising, my employer, we’re big believers in testing everything — including content length.

Recently, my VP of Testing, Chris Dayley, was working with a client, OURrescue, to help improve the performance of their blog.

OURrescue is an incredible organization that travels the world saving children from sex traffickers. But to do this, they need donations.

To fund further rescues, they have a blog where they report on each "mission" that features a call to action at the end of every post requesting donations.

Following the pattern of many blogs, their articles usually had 1,500+ words. Their posts were doing okay, but Dayley wanted to see if altering post length could actually increase the amount of donations they received.

So, we asked the author of a new article for short, medium and long versions of the post. We then used Hotjar to see how far people scrolled through each version of the article and Google Analytics to monitor the amount of time people spent on each page and the number of donations received.

We made sure to separate mobile and desktop traffic and had Optimizely split the traffic among the three versions of the post.

Easy enough, right?

Our desktop results looked like this:

As you probably guessed, people spent the most time on the longest version of the article. But things got more interesting when we looked at page depth.

Only 45.5 percent of OURrescue’s traffic reached the bottom of the shortest article, and only 64.9 percent of their visitors finished the long version. The mid-length version, on the other hand, had a completion rate of 76.7 percent!

By comparison, here’s what things looked like on mobile:

On mobile, the longest word count had the shortest time on page and fewest completions.

The lowest word count version actually had the best completion rate. Clearly, for this client, longer content didn’t necessarily mean better engagement.

As nice as it is to have people finish an article (just a friendly nudge, right?), the metric that really mattered was donations… and guess which versions of the article won…

It turns out that the longer articles really didn’t do a lot for the company. Compared to the highest word count version, the medium-length article actually brought in 28.4 percent more donations on desktop, and the shortest version brought in 83.1 percent more donations on mobile!

Now, does this mean that shorter content is always better content — especially on mobile? Not necessarily.

For this client, shorter content was better for their audience. For your site, you’ll want to run this same test and see how your results pan out.

The important takeaway here is that different audiences are looking for a different experience. Long content, short content — if you can give them what they’re looking for, they’ll be much more likely to convert.

And, as an added bonus, the search engines will reward you for creating a compelling on-site experience.


Still with me? Great! When it comes to content length, it’s dangerous to adopt a 1800s-style "longer content is better content" mentality. Great content isn’t about word count, it’s about delivering the right experience.

So, don’t take your content length for granted. Take a look at your content and essay buy online ask yourself, is this written for my potential customers or for a search engine?

Odds are, if you’re prioritizing your Google Bot experience over your user experience, you’re going to have poor SERP results and low conversion rates.

Opinions expressed in this article are those of the guest author and not necessarily MarTech. Staff authors are listed here.

1400-Word Essay Samples Free

A 1400-word essay is a standard undergraduate college assignment. You might need to write an essay of such a length on almost any discipline: marketing, political science, philosophy, nursing, psychology, etc. While writing a paper of 1400 to 1500 words, you will need to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the topic and the ability to structure your thoughts well.

Inflation in India and China

Introduction The tie between economic growth and the role of inflation has been of interest to the economist, especially now in the light of the global financial crunch. The emergence of new and rapidly growing economies has presented economists and other interested parties with the opportunity of analyzing economic phenomena.

The Iraq War, Its Causes and Opposition

Introduction The United States’ involvement in the Iraq war has been a matter of international attention for over the last one decade. The issue of the Iraq war has been revisited time over time in reference to the various issues it has led to globally. Recently, the war in Iraq.

Emmett Till Antilynching Act

Introduction The issues of respecting civil rights and freedoms have always been essential problems for the United States. They represent an integral part of the policy of such a multinational state. One of the largest population groups in the country is African American citizens, and this group has been discriminated.

International Drug Policy in Russia and the US

Many people believe that United States experiences the worst drug problems, but there are nations with higher addiction rates, such as Russia. Some of these countries do not provide treatment for addicted individuals. As a result, a large number of citizens are left homeless and hopeless. In Russia, intravenous drug.

Online Texting Variations: Chinese Writing

Introduction Since ancient times, the Chinese people have had a special attitude to the written language as a normative and correct one. On the opposite, spoken language has always been much more prone to deviations and the appearance of non-normative elements. However, the development of the Internet has led to.

How Long Is a 1400 Word Essay Double Spaced?

An essay of 1400 words is approximately 5 pages double-spaced or 2,5 pages single-spaced. The most common format for all the major citation styles is 12-point Times New Roman, double spaced. This is about 250 words per page. While APA 7, MLA 9, and Chicago also accept fonts like Arial and Calibri, TNR 12 ppt is still preferable.

How Many Paragraphs Is a 1400-Word Essay?

A 1400-word essay contains 14 to 28 paragraphs on average. The length of a typical academic paragraph is about 100 words. You should include at least four sentences in your paragraph.

How to Structure a 1400-Word Essay?

A 1400-word essay is quite an extensive piece of academic writing. It is to be planned well. The three distinct parts of such a paper are: introduction, body, and conclusion. Your introduction should include a hook, background information, and a thesis statement. Each of the body paragraphs is to focus on one argument. The conclusion should summarize your arguments.

How Long Does a 1400-Word Essay Take?

It will take you about 28 to 56 minutes to type 1400 words on your keyboard, depending on your typing speed. However, if you also need to perform research, make a reference list, buy an essay online add in-text citations, and graphic materials, you’ll need more time – not less than 4 hours for 1400 words.

How Many References Are in a 1400 Word Essay?

The final number of references that you should include in an essay of 1400 to 1450 words will depend on the assignment’s genre and buy essay online complexity. For instance, on middle-school level, you’ll have to add 9 references on average. A bachelor-level assignment of 1400 words will require 18 references, while a graduate-level paper should refer to at least 28 sources.

Authoritarian Capitalism and Western Liberal Version

Introduction Capitalism is a means of production which is usually dominated by free competition and involves profit orientation and private ownership of business. This demonstrates an open market. It encourages individual operated firms rather than government operated ones. Capitalism has been common in the western countries since time immemorial, and.

Situation With Walmart Around the World

Can Walmart Break the Retail Code in India? Due to the fact that India is a growing economy, this state can become an essential destination for Walmart. India’s political environment is complex, with a large number of regulations obstructing large multinational companies from entering this market. Until recently, global retailers.

Essay marketing 1400 words stick, Essay marketing 1400 words stick

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